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1/13/05 :: What happened to silenxusa.com?
We're having some technical difficulties with the new silenxusa.com retail site, so we have temporarily restored the old silenx.com site. We apologize for the inconvenience and for any confusion this may have caused.
12/9/04 :: SilenX™ Luxurae Hard Drive Silencing Solution Review
Auphan Online has released the first review of the Luxurae Hard Drive Silencing Solution; they concluded:

"The HDSS is easily one of the most effective hard drive silencing solution I have had the opportunity to test. It completely muffled hard drive sound to the point where you needed to put your ear very close to hear the drive. The system did not affect performance of the drives, and only resulted in slightly hotter then normal operation. This was easily fixed with proper case airflow, and the drive operated at a descent temperature. The unit itself is fairly large, and as a result only those with larger sized cases will probably be able to install it."
12/7/04 :: SilenX™ Ixtrema 120mm Copper CPU Cooler Review
nV News has released the first review of our all-new 120mm CPU cooler, and they had plenty of nice things to say:

"The SilenX iXtrema is certainly an effective cooling fan and is far superior to other products I have used. Even as I approached the overclocking limits of various system components, the SilenX iXtrema wasn't being pushed to its full potential and the fan noise could not be distinguished over the 80mm Zalman and PSU fans. This setup is definitely recommended for those looking to squeeze every last drop of performance from their system."
12/7/04 :: SilenX™ Luxurae Series 460w PSU Review
Auphan Online took a look at our Luxurae 460w PSU, and they liked what they saw!

"Overall, the SilenX Luxurae is an exceptional power supply. It is completely silent, and operates entirely within its voltage specifications at all times. From one member of the quest for silence to another, you can't get a power supply that's much better then the SilenX Luxurae 460W."
10/1/04 :: SilenX™ Ixtrema Pro 600w PSU Review
PlanetAMD64 reviews the SilenX Ixtrema 600w PSU. Here's a brief excerpt from their review:

"I have no issues recommending it to anyone that has a high performance rig to power up. The performance of the unit was exactly what I had expected and hoped for, considering it's ratings. It is definitely a few levels up in class from the average power supply found in most systems. And of course, if you feel you need a quiet system, this is an even better buy."
8/6/04 :: 3DCOOL.com to distribute SilenX products
3DCOOL.com, an acclaimed provider of thermal solutions and a long-time authorized SilenX reseller, is now our official East Coast distributor. They are recognized globally as the overclocker's and gamer's paradise, offering vast selection, availability, and great value of complete PC computer cooling, modding, and power solutions. If you're on the east coast and interested in selling SilenX products, you can now go through 3DCOOL.com. They're a great company with great people, and we're glad to have them on board!
7/19/04 :: SilenX™ Luxurae Series 460w PSU Review
Hi-Techreviews.com reviews our new SilenX Luxurae Series 460w PSU. They couldn't stop saying good things about it! Here's a brief excerpt from their review:

"Silenx has shown us with the Luxurae that you can use the words like silent, stable and cool in the same sentence when you're talking about large scale power supplies. Could the Luxurae perhaps be the best fanless power supply available on the market today? It just might be since there are no other fanless power supplies approaching this size, and this alone is a huge plus....I would have to say that without a doubt that it is the best fanless power supply currently available and I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants the best possible silent solution for their computer."
7/15/04 :: SilenX™ 80mm 14 dBA Thermistor Fan Review
ModSynergy.com reviews our SilenX 80mm 14 dBA Thermistor Fan. Here's a brief excerpt from their review:

"I have to say that I am a believer of these fans. The SilenX 80mm 14dBA Thermistor fans are a great way to decrease noise from your PC and remove what can be an irritating distraction. The performance is there and they are nice and quiet."
7/6/04 :: SilenX™ iXtrema Pro Series 400w 14 dBA PSU Review
Overclockers.com reviews our SilenX iXtrema Pro Series 400w 14dBA PSU. Here's a brief excerpt from their review:

"...We weren't sure whether it had turned on or not because the fan was so quiet....The SilenX fan emits no air noise, mechanical noise, or vibration. Simply put, this is the quietest power supply we've ever heard (or barely heard), and SilenX's rating of a peak 14 dBA is, surprisingly, very accurate."
6/9/04 :: SilenX™ Luxurae Series Introduction
Introducing the Luxurae series, a new line of noiseless power supplies designed for the most demanding power and sound requirements. Available at 340, 400 and 460w capacities, the Luxurae line will power the fastest PCs on the market today with no hesitation. It features two standard S-ATA power connectors and the industry's only voltage adjustable rails on a fanless power supply. 80% efficiency, highest of any fanless power supplies in the industry, cable sleeving and external heat dissipation...we thought of it all. Why settle for cheaper junk when you can get the best?
SilenX™ Authenticity
Customers: please beware of counterfeit SilenX™ products. SilenX™ products distributed by Ahanix Corporation and carried at ColorCase, ExoticPC or on Ebay, among others, are counterfeit, not subject to warranty, and w