fan controllers, cabinet coolers and accessories

In addition to the fine fans, heatsinks and power supplies, SilenX also offers fan controllers and vibration dampening mounts to further reduce the noise from your system.

If you want to control fan noise, choose from our one channel internal fan controller, which provides a quick and easy way to precisely control the right balance of noise and airflow for one fan. If you want to control more fans, you can opt for the four channel external fan controller which allows you to not only control the speed of four individual fans, but can also be used independently from your system to cool down other devices, such as AV equipment, aquarium lighting or home theater cabinets with its included AC/DC adapter.

There are also vibration dampening grommets and fan mounts to reduce vibrational noise from your hard drives and fans. The grommets are designed to decouple the hard drive vibration from your case, while also providing protection by dampening external shock. The fan mounts decouple fan motor vibration from your case, easy to install and no maintenance necessary.