Unlike any other fan controller on the market today, the IXA-FCEX allows you to control fan speeds for four fans, with or without a computer power supply to power up your fans. When used for your computer, disregard the included AC/DC adapter, simply connect the molex connector attached to the fan controller to your power supply to power up your fans. When used as a standalone device to cool your AV equipment, aquarium lighting or cabinets, use the included AC/DC adapter to power up your fans. Has an LED indicator light for each channel when a fan is powered up. When every other company out there makes variations of the same basic fan controller, we've come up with a solution to make it truly versatile and practical!

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dimensions 130x37x28mm
channels 4
cable length 500mm
input voltage 12v
output voltage 4-12v
power capacity 6w max per channel
power capacity powered from computer 24w
adapter input voltage 100~240v
adapter output voltage 12v
adapter cable length 1700mm
power capacity powered from adapter 20w