We had to build a successor to top our new heatsink line and the EFZ-120HA4 was designed just for that role. An extreme performance heatsink designed for the most demanding gamers and overclockers, it'll satisfy any user in any application. It provides among the best thermal performance in the industry at the lowest noise levels possible. A combination of high performance and low noise in a package designed for use with 120mm fans, no need to push the limitations of your case space with a 140mm fan based heatsink! The EFZ-120HA4 utilizes five 8mm heatpipes that directly contact the CPU and are intertwined to provide ten effective heatpipes worth of thermal dissipation. A universal mounting bracket supports the widest range of current AMD and Intel sockets, including the latest multicore Phenom and i3/i5/i7 processors. An included fan speed controller allows you to quiet down the fan to just the right balance of noise and performance for the most discerning user.

Comes with a 120mm fan with fluid dynamic bearings for years of reliable performance and no need to purchase a fan, though you have the option of adding a second fan for more performance, hardware for second fan installation is included. The installation process is easy with a typical install time of under 10 minutes and it does not require the use of any other tools other than a scredriver to remove and/or secure the motherboard. Each Effizio heatsink comes with a three year warranty from the date of purchase and as always, you can be sure of getting the service should you need it.



sku EFZ-120HA4
rated dba 8-28
dimensions 105x131x153mm
materials copper heatpipes, aluminum fins
weight 836g
rpm <2000
cfm 34-102
operating voltage 5-12v
current draw <0.36A
power consumption <4.32w
bearings 2nd generation fluid dynamic bearings
intel cpu compatibility lga775, lga1155/1156, lga1366
amd cpu compatibility socket 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM2+, AM3, FM1